Sunday, October 16, 2005

Finally back with some article

I just came across an article as I have been recently trying to teach myself Python by reading and listening to podcast, particularly podcast411.

It was an article written by the renowned hacker since the 70's Eric.S.Raymond for the linux journal. He explains in the journal how he first came across Python while using Perl and didn't think much about python in 1997 but the 2nd time he came across python around the same year which he says was accidental (as it was with the first encountered), he was surprised with the elegance and power the Python language had not to mention cleaner syntax.

He even mentions in this very long article by ESR how in his 2nd encounter with Python which was accidental, he created a GUI interface of his utility program fetchmail using python in just 6 days off which 2 days was spent learning python.

{Now, let me remind you that this time period for learning will differ depending upon their previous exposure to programming, so for beginners you will take a longer time learning however this gives you an idea on how easy it is to learn this powerful programming language}

Link to the full article