Saturday, June 03, 2006

Elephants Dream - First Open src Movie

Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender

I have downloaded the movie using bittorrent and have watched the HD version (1960 X 1080) with a file size of 814 MB for a 10 min 53 sec movie.

It's great quality and though some of the animation is not perfect for the open source team this is a step forward with some of the 3D modelling like the old man's beard and other's as well (you have to watch the movie to find it out for yourself).

Here are some of the links depending on the file sizes but these the bittorrent and not direct download. You don't have to worry, 'cause there are about 4000 seeder (not to mention leechers) for each of the file, so your download will be pretty fast, that is, if you have a good connection :-)
< a href="">HD AVI (1960x1080!) (815MB)
AVI (1024) (425MB)
1024 (311MB)
720 (145MB)
480 (99MB)

Alternatively, you could also go to the DOWNLOAD PAGE



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