Monday, November 19, 2007

2.4GHz wireless 3D Finger Optical Mouse

Wearable (ring) optical neat !!!

It is sold at for US$ 36.99.

The package contains:

1. The 3D finger optical mouse has a 1000dpi high resolution that works by using radio frequency of about 2.4 GHz with a working distance of about 15 meters. It's USB interface is plug n play requiring no installation (driver or software). It weighs just about 25 grams.

2. The mouse has a built in 3.7 V, 230 mA Li-ion battery that is rechargeable by plugging the USB. It also has an automatic power saving mode that turns off the mouse if mouse movements are not detected for a while.

3. It also comes with 3 different ring sizes to fit for different people with different ring sizes.

4. The RF reciever just needs to be plugged to a USB port for the mouse (reciever) to detect the frequency and work.

Here's a video demonstration I found on youtube.


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