Monday, November 19, 2007

Lenova i909 - Mobile Phone with NES Emulation

Looks like Lenova is really going strong not only have they bought IBM PC and are able to make them successful without crapping them, they have also come up with a really cool idea.

" The Lenova i909 "

Lenova i909 is a mobile phone looking like the N-series phone or the w810 Sony Ericsson with:
2.4″ 262K color QVGA TFT display,
2 megapixel camera,
microSD memory card slot,
mp3 and video player,
111.4 × 50.2 × 15.5 mm dimensions and 112.8 grams weight.

But wait wait.......

What makes Lenova i909 apart from the others is that it comes with a cool D-Pad controller that's meant for playing NES emulated games on the phone.

It's an excellent idea but unfortunately it's only available in China. Which makes me fell Lenova is going the Japanese or any other electronic manufacturer's way of marketing their products first in their country and then if we are lucky we get them someday....That's a bummer :-)

Link (Chinese):


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