Thursday, May 04, 2006

Album Cover Art Downloader

Album Cover Art Downloader is a very neat and convenient program for searching the album cover images for your mp3 collection.

All you have to do, is open the software after downloading and open
-> the folder that contains your music collection (mp3 or wma), i.e, a folder that contains subfolders,


-> just the folder of a single album

You can then Search for any particular album. The search are from:
You can enable or disable the searches from any of these 4 sites.

To prevent overexpectation, I have to mention that you are not going to get 1600 X 1200 images (the name of the program is Album Cover Art Downloader) most of the images searched will usually be of the sizes 90 X 90, 160 X 160, 190 X 190, 300 X 300 and 500 X 500.

For a complete description on how to use Album Cover art Downloader, you can watch the Flash Demonstration or read the manual


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