Monday, September 12, 2005

ADSL USB Breakdown

I have recently been having problems with my AOL connection.

The connection seems to die out and get automatically disconnected which really annoys me and so today after finishing my test I went on a hunt for information about the problems.

I always knew that those expensive ADSL modems with routers were better but did not know how and even thought those PCI-ADSL modems are better than the one I had.

But to my views ahd to change after knowing that the routers are better because of their independence, i.e, they have their own power source and are not reliant on the the cpu.
So obviously, both the USB-ADSL and the PCI-ADSL use the cpu performance and hence give poorer performance.

Though we all know about the limited performance and breakdown of USB ports it just amazed me how much computer resource these ports pull.
Just imagine I have the occassional blue screen with my USB-ADSL even if I have a 4GB RAM ;-)
That says alot about not only on the USB-ADSL performance but also on the performance of any USB devices. Looks like firewire will surely take over USB's :-)

Click these thumbnails to get a very basic overview about these 3 types of modems (advantages and disadvantages) it's only for novices :-)

And those who want to know more about the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVE blue screen just click the link. This one's detailed though it's from a forum.


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